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For help to stop smoking - call our Quitline at +27 11 720 3145 or Whatsapp on +27 72 76 4812
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The new Control of Tobacco and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill will make it easier for South
Africans to choose smoke-free lives, regulate the danger of e-cigarettes and decrease the impact of
second-hand smoke on the majority of the population, who are non-smokers. Why is it taking time to
implement? Tobacco industry profits are at the expense of addicted smokers, their families, and
public health.

Together, the National Council Against Smoking (NCAS), the Cancer Association of South Africa
(CANSA), the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa (HSFSA), the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) and the South Africa Tobacco Free Youth Forum (SATFYF) are steadfast in campaigning for the
new Bill to be passed. It’s time for our people and our government to show leadership in implementing
global best practice to curb the onslaught of big tobacco.